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Korey, owner and driver with TKL Logistics, is dedicated to making everyone feel like a part of the TKL family. 

TKL Logistics will travel Australia-wide, specialising in all over-dimensional cartage. With a substantial fleet of equipment available, we can cover any type of load – including all varieties of machinery, structural steel loads, containers and general freight. 

Korey and TKL Logistics have over 15 years of experience within the Transport & Heavy Haulage business. When you partner with us for your freight and logistics needs, you get the ultimate peace of mind, knowing you’ll always receive top quality service. 

TKL Logistic has built its reputation on always providing an efficient, fast and reliable experience for clients. From the very beginning, we’ve committed to doing the right thing by our clients, maintaining those valued relationships. How do we accomplish this? By providing professional, dedicated and courteous service every single time.

For TKL Logistics Terms and Conditions,* click below. 

*This includes Trading Terms and Conditions; and Terms and Conditions of Cartage.

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It’s no wonder that TKL Logistics is a trusted and recommended transport provider for countless WA businesses. Join the ranks of our happy clients and contact TKL Logistics for all your bulk transport needs.
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